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3 Ways To Heal From Trauma

7 out of 10 adults have experienced significant trauma at some point in their life. Unfortunately due to the shame that accompanies trauma it is an experience that is often kept secret. Not wanting to talk about painful memories is a coping mechanism that is often learned early on. This strategy may work for a bit, but will not last, one way or another the unresolved trauma will manifest as anxiety, anger, depression, chronic pain and even addiction.

Even though you may feel hopeless and you fear that you will have to live with this pain forever, the truth is - you don't! I have helped many patients that had resigned themselves to believing they could not get back to a normal life free from pain and anxiety. 3 of the ways my patients healed from trauma are:

1. EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy is the gold standard for trauma treatment. I have helped many patients process the traumatic events that were negatively impacting their lives. Time and time again patients tell me how amazed they are by EMDR and how well it works! Bilateral stimulation reprocesses the memory of the traumatic event making room for healing to occur in the brain. This form of therapy is extremely effective and I highly recommend finding a skilled clinician to administer this therapy.

2. Journaling

Journaling is a powerful tool that is not used as often as it should be. I encourage my clients that I treat with EMDR to keep a journal and to record any new thoughts, insights and dreams they may have between sessions. Journaling can be very empowering and gives you the control of what will be expressed and recorded. I encourage my clients to handwrite in their journal, the act of physically writing causes a change to occur in the brain.


Yoga is very beneficial in treating trauma. Trauma is stored in our brains and manifests itself physically.Yoga can teach us how to identify stress and anxiety in our bodies and how to use poses and breathing techniques to decrease these uncomfortable feelings. Developing a deeper understanding of the mind body connection encourages healing on both they physical and mental level.

What about you, the reader? Yes you! If you would like more information or to schedule an appointment with me call me at 615-982-5710 or email me at

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