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An advanced mental health technology at your service.

Combining EMDR with Virtual Reality (VR) therapy has been an incredible step forward in treating phobias, fears, and anxieties. EMDR uses eye movements to help desensitize the patient to a trigger experience. When paired with the immersive nature of VR, EMDR can effectively retrain a patient's brain to respond appropriately when encountering the given stimulus. After developing and perfecting a specialized protocol, I am confident it is an effective solution for addressing many of these traumatic issues in patients who need it. It is my sincere hope that this protocol helps many people on their journey towards mental health.

The Process

Your therapist will prepare the VR headset, headphones, and electrodermal response sensor.

The velcro sensors in the electrodermal response sensor will be positioned on your left hand's index and middle fingers.


When you put on the headset, you'll see a code appear. When you do, let your therapist know. This code will help your therapist pair the VR headset with the platform.

You'll now see a field. Please wait for your therapist to prepare the following scene.



At this point, your virtual session has begun and your therapist will begin to guide you through the VR scene. During the session, your therapist may ask you to define your level of anxiety using a scale from 1 to 10.



VR will transport you to a virtual environment.
Part of its success is attributable to your ability to let yourself go and be both immersed and present in the experience.

If you do that, you'll have a more vivid VR session that generates emotions and thoughts and helps your therapist support you.


Boost your mental wellbeing with virtual reality.

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