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Meet Dr.Strüdel



Well-travelled and internationally-known renaissance pupper, stalwart childhood safety advocate, and celebrated guardian of humans and property, Dr. Strüdel Poag began his professional career at an early age near Wilcox, Airzona, having escaped an uncaring owner, and upon being discovered on a roadside by a thoughtful Arizona State Trooper.

Seizing upon his opportunity to start a new life, in 2007,  Dr. Strüdel enlisted as a ward of P.A.W.S Fur The Cause in Tucson, where he rose through the ranks, and was quickly adopted into a caring forever-family in the area. With his personal and professional future now secured, Dr. Strüdel set his sights on attaining his PhDoggo in Social Work, and Human Studies.

After obtaining his PhDoggo, Dr. Strüdel relocated to Tennessee in 2013 to focus on caring for the elderly, and eating as much steak, rice, salmon, pork chops, and lamb as possible. There, he grew very fat, and very, very happy.

With his nearly 5 dog-decade long professional career now firmly behind him, Dr. Strüdel is currently enjoying his long overdue retirement, sniffing things, chasing the occasional deer, and providing  joy and companionship to an elderly couple on a three-acre estate here in Columbia, Tennessee.

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