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Meet Biscuit

2021-05-07 14_23_27-Clipboard.png

Distinguished gentlepupper, experienced pee-mail administrator, and all around good-boy doggo, Dr. U-Need-A Chicken-In-A Biscuit Poag began his tenure as resident therapy dog-in-training at the Columbia Center for EMDR Therapy in March 2021 after completing his early puppy internship on a farm in rural Tennessee in October, 2020.

Realizing early on in his career that he was a completely hypoallergenic breed of dog, and upon advice from his close collaborator, mentor, and noted socialpupper Dr. Strüdel, Biscuit decided his talents and natural abilities would be best utilized as a friendly companion animal to anyone in need of emotional support during therapy sessions.

When not putting his extensive experience as a puppy to use in the areas of both fluffiness and cuteness, Dr. Biscuit enjoys sitting calmly, eating turkey, napping, eating more turkey, and attending classes on how to be the best therapy dog possible.

As a 24/7 live-in member of the team, Biscuit can be frequently seen in his office at The Columbia Center for EMDR Therapy, in training, or taking walks in the company of more senior staff members. His wealth of experience and expertise both at work and at home make him a valuable (and adorable) addition to our team.

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