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Concierge Counseling:The New Status Symbol Among Celebrities

24/7 availability, priority scheduling, and immediate access to your therapist are just some of the reasons my clients love having a concierge counselor. For those in the entertainment industry or in political circles, it is often a necessity. Here are a few common reasons:

Difficult Work Schedules

Wether you are on set filming, or on tour, the chances of having a steady 9-to-5 work schedule are slim to none. Many of my clients are on the road touring, and are at the mercy of a hectic schedule that often consists of countless flights, long bus rides, and late nights. My clients usually communicate with me over online video conferencing, or by phone; They often tell me that having a therapist they can can reach so easily has been an absolute life-changer for them.

Recently Discharged From Residential Treatment

Many of my clients have recently completed a 30 day stay at at a treatment facility, and are encouraged by their mangers to immediately hire a concierge counselor. The biggest concern mangers generally express is the nervousness they they feel about their client going directly home after being in a protected environment; They fear their client is at risk of relapsing as soon as they get home. As a concierge counselor, I provide wrap-around services to ensure extra support, and a smooth transition from the facility to home. The ability to have access to a therapist the moment a craving hits, needing to talk to someone late at night, or having the therapist provide private sessions in their home are some of the reasons concierge counseling is so popular among celebrities.

Having A Child Recently Discharged From Rehab

Another demographic that I'm seeing more and more of are celebrity parents who have recently had a child in rehab. There have been quite a few nights that I've talked with worried parents who fear they are not prepared, or don't know how to support their child in recovery. Parents often worry about their child's ability to maintain sobriety outside of a therapeutic environment. Concierge Counseling bridges this gap by maintaining a constant connection to the client, where help is as close as phone call, or text message away.

The Need For Enhanced Privacy

Seeing a counselor is a very personal decision; Often times, my clients do not want anyone to know they are seeing a therapist. As a concierge counselor, I provide therapy services to the client wherever they want,whether it's at their home, in the studio, on set, online, even on a hiking trail. Not having to go to a therapist's office or otherwise risk being recognized publicly, is a huge stress relief for my clients.

If you feel that you,or someone you know may benefit from concierge counseling I encourage you to visit my website to learn more about the personalized services I offer.

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