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Should I Do Counseling Online?

It's not surprising that online counseling is more popular than ever, given how busy the demands of modern life are. Trying to find the time to get into a therapist's office is not always practical, especially when you work full-time, drive your children to after school activities, or travel for business frequently. Having a full schedule shouldn't be a deterrent in receiving the help that you need. This is where online counseling becomes vital.

Many of my clients have decided that online counseling is the way to go for several reasons:

1. Convenience

The convenience of being able to see your therapist in your pajamas can't be ignored! Online counseling allows you to have a visit with your therapist however you want, wherever you want; even in your living room, on your sundeck, or on your favorite recliner. Not only is it convenient to be in your own home, but it can be the answer for those facing logistical difficulties in getting into the office, since fighting traffic, and finding parking is no longer a worry. If you have a complicated schedule, you may find it easier to coordinate time for therapy if the option to do online sessions are available to you. Part of the great convenience of online counseling allows you to do it not only at home, but at your office, on your lunch break, and even on a business trip.

2. Privacy

Counseling can be rather emotionally intense at times, and sensitive subjects are often discussed; you may find having these type of sessions conducted in the privacy of your own home is a better option for you. If you have experienced some form of trauma, you may benefit greatly by receiving therapy in a place that is known to you, or in a safe environment that you have created for yourself. In addition to trauma, if you suffer from anxiety or panic issues, you may find this form of therapy less stressful, and an easier way to begin counseling. Clients I have that struggle with anxiety are often relieved to hear that they have the option to conduct counseling sessions online, as needed.

If you feel you're someone that needs a more discrete and private venue to receive therapy, then online sessions may be the best option for you. It's a common misconception that only wealthy/high profile individuals are able to benefit from this level of discretion; even if you live in a small rural town, and want to keep your private business private, then online counseling is for you.

3. Time

Online counseling can be a huge time saver for you, as well, in that it gives you time back that would have otherwise been spent on traveling to and from a therapist's office. Some of us are so busy, and have such tight schedules that one hour can make the difference of receiving counseling or not. Often times, if counseling sessions are done online, therapist can be more flexible with appointment times.

If you are struggling to fit counseling into your life, I urge you to call me and we can find a time in your busy schedule to start therapy online. Together, we can build a better future for you.

Ginger Poag, MSW, LCSW

Brentwood Wellness Counseling


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